My clay sculptures are a combination of shapes influenced by architecture and

natural geometry. Curvaceous and angular planes meet to give a perception of

solidity and movement. With my paintings I explore colour combinations; and 

perception of depth and sculptural form. In collagraph printmaking I create low-

relief collages based on macro views of machinery and organic objects to

produce colourful, textural images on paper.


Ann Decker



My Artist Statement


I love to see the work take shape and emerge as a sculpture, a painting or a

print. Through sculptural forms in clay I explore convex and concave

angles,and natural geometry. In paintings I zoom in on the subject -

often fruit and vegetables - to bring out unusual patterns and colours found

in the macro view. Using acrylic paint, I combine figurative and abstract

elements. I transcribe some paintings into collagraph prints, collaging

found low-relief items and carborundum onto a plate to create a textural,

printed image.